The IXL was founded into 2014. The founded partners were the austrian PBBL, the slovak CSPBL and the czech CPL league. The goal was, to bring the best teams of those and other countries together and form not only a strong X-Ball league, but also cost effective one with high quality and professional organization in mind. The idea was not only about playing Paintball, but much more to be able to do that with new friends and against new foreign teams. The league quickly gained attention from a lot of teams and so we decided to take a big new step in 2015.

In 2015 we introduced the PRO Division, which is based on the PSP Champions and Challengers division.

For 2016 we converted back into two separate Divisions. We are joining the NXL, Millennium Series and other big leagues in the new M500 paint limitation and WPBO mercy rule.